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Here’s a post from The Boars Head Tavern by Michael Spencer. Buckle down. It’s pretty much a soap box piece, but one well-suited for the likes of IP.

Why are Christians so convinced that stadium events are going to change the world? Why are massive gatherings like Promise Keepers, Battle Cry and, now, “The Call ‘07″ so attractive to Christians? Is this just a measurement of how far evangelicalism has gone down its own rabbit hole? Has our concept of discipleship gotten this bad, that a bunch of church folks driving to a stadium and singing songs is really going to change the world? Why is it so difficult to see what read discipleship means?

Why do we continue to believe the bizarre mythology that this country is a Christian nation in covenant with God, instead of acknowledging that we are no different from any other nation? Why do so many Christians fall for any Old Testament passage applied to America as “my people?” Why are so many Christians more interested in American politics than the Kingdom of God?

Why can people claiming to be “prophets” twist the scripture into whatever they want it to say, even using dreams and visions as justification, and get straight-faced acceptance from people carrying Bibles? Why can a person saying “God spoke to me” supercede scripture a a matter of routine in many churches?

Why are Christians in America so convinced that God wants to “turn things around” and revive the church in America? Why can’t they see what is happening around the world? Is it simply our ethno-centrism, church variety? Why can’t we see that the WORST thing that could happen to world Christianity is to become like the church in America, stadiums, t-shirts, praise bands and all?

Why do we believe that singing and raising our hands is worship? Hasn’t every pastor in America preached at least one series of messages on “True Worship” that cleared that one up?

Why does Christian media, TV, radio, and web sites translate all this nonsense onto my radar so I wind up ranting about it?

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