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What are you bringing on Sunday?

   Posted by: Adam Wilson    in Church

Have you ever taken some time to focus on what you and your friends/family talk about right after leaving church on Sunday? Hopefully you are spending some time reflecting with others on the service. So what do you talk about in the car ride home or when you go out to lunch?

It is too often that I hear out of my mouth or others things like, “So what’d you get out of the worship today?” Or often times, “I didn’t really like that song” and “I hate it when the pastor’s sermon goes 5 minutes over. He does that all the time!”

The problem with these comments we often make is that they reveal our self-centered heart condition. Going to church on Sunday is not primarily about you or me. It is about worshiping the One True God and celebrating His Son, Jesus. If church is about worshiping the Lord, then what we need to be thinking about is what we are bringing before Him, not what we are receiving.

God has gifted each follower of Christ uniquely to be a blessing to the Church and the body is not whole without you. It is my prayer that we would arrive at our churches every week, with our minds set on what we can offer before the Lord and how we can bless His name with the gifts He has given us.

It is my hope that our measurement of our church services will move from “What did I get out of it.” to become, “Was the Lord honored and did we worship Him in Spirit and in truth?”